Oh Dear - That Was a Mistake.

Posted by Jay Ginsberg on October 16, 2020 in  Decorating
What do you do if you have made a choice in decorating and it turns out to be the wrong choice? That is easy problem to solve if it is a paint color you don’t like or a single piece of furniture but what if it’s whole house carpeting? Or ceramic tile in a bathroom? 1.     Change your lighting. If you have chosen a trendy dark colored ceramic tile floor for your kitchen and it seems to be pulling the mood of the room down perhaps it is as simple as changing your bulbs! The daylight bu... read more
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How Hot is the Real Estate Market?

Posted by Lisa DeJessa on September 07, 2020 in  real estate
Any Bucks County Real Estate agent can tell you – the market is hot! The August numbers are not in yet, but based on the July figures and personal experience the real estate market in Bucks county is great if you are a Seller – challenging if you are a Buyer. There was an increase in total units sold in July, with 908 sold. This month's total units sold was markedly higher than at this time last year. Conversely inventory is down: July 2020 Versus July 2019; the total number of homes available... read more
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Peddlers Village Scarecrow Festival

Posted by Karen Johnson on September 07, 2020 in  Things to do in Bucks County
The official Scarecrow Festival has been cancelled this year BUT you can still visit Peddlers Village and vote for your favorite home-built scarecrow from 9/9 though 10/31. Even though the scarecrows will be created at home this year this will mark the 41st celebration of Scarecrows in the Village. This display visitors from around the world. For seven fun-filled weeks, scores of scarecrows grace the winding pathways of the sweeping, autumn-tinted Village property. Some are inspired by famous characters, ... read more
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Vintage Skills that are Making a Comeback!

Posted by Maureen Scullion on July 10, 2020 in  DIY
What happens when you are sick to death of your color scheme or your stuff is looking shabby or there are gifts that need to be sent and the stores are closed or what you want isn’t available? Here are some vintage skills that are making a comeback!   Reupholstery “They don’t make them like they used to” is a phrase that's often sais and is actually true. In the past furniture was handmade and very expensive. Folks hung on to their furniture and passed it down through the generations. I... read more

Beautiful Barns of Bucks County

Posted by Lisa DeJessa on July 09, 2020 in  Bucks County History
Driving though Bucks County Pennsylvania one notices that much of it’s beauty comes from its rural nature. Small farms dot the landscape and jewel of these farms is the large stone and wood barn that rises above the farmhouse.  The barns of Bucks County come in many shapes and sizes but all were built to serve a purpose and it’s the echo of the voices of generations of farm families and their animals that adds to their beauty. Thankfully the Heritage Conservancy has put together a list of fifteen ... read more
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